The First Step of the Journey is the Hardest

The way of the warrior is a disciplined construct of set morals and values used to guide a person through the trials and tribulations of our physical existence. These values/morals prescribe a code of conduct that dictates to the person what avenue of action needs to be taken based on the circumstances. Each interaction with physical reality demands different and alternating actions. Without these values and morals to serve as a guide to aid us in our existential battle against the forces of the universe that desire our destruction, we are lost or at best dependent of some external source for protection (police, military, etc.)

Warriors of different cultures in the past were shaped by a different social paradigm than us today. The warriors looked different and acted different depending on a variety of interchanging variables that shaped the cultures they dwelled in. Variables such as rival state, neighboring states, climate conditions, and geographical conditions. For example, the warriors of Japan empathized a strict code of conduct centered around a system of honor and bravery. Whereas, the Nordic Viking warriors cared less about honor and more about a desensitized approach to coping with the violence and destruction of the world. The Japanese culture was primarily influenced by their neighbor, China, who fostered their honor philosophy and religion. Being an island people, they were allowed to promote their discipline to extremes as their enemies most often times each other. The most competent warriors ruled as Shogun. The Viking warriors seemed to be more influenced by the harsh, unforgiving climates they lived in. They had to be tough to survive, and this toughness transferred to their approach to war.

In today’s modern world, the conditions to foster a warrior are different. The social paradigm of the cutthroat competitiveness of the urban environment is the nature and technological dependent people the climate. The ever-increasing urbanization and the detached connectivity have created a land of strife fixated on the decadence of celebrity personality cults. The constant bombardment of information and ideas is enough to make a person go insane. How does one battle such seemingly overwhelming odds?

To deal with the universal global themes associated with technology and urbanization, a new type of warrior must be forged. This warrior will have to be an island able to stand fast against the waves of the collective unconsciousness and integrate the lessons they find there. They will have to be a person among individuals.

In proceeding posts, I will discuss how to select the morals and values and the methods of battle in today’s internalized world. I will discuss how to discern what is one’s self or what is negative foreign programming inserted by social herd mind. I will discuss the method of keeping your center.

At times it can seem like an isolating existential experience, and it is, but to be free, one must be willing to do whatever it takes.

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