System Failure

The process of induction into modern society is one of psychic pain that never truly ends no matter what stage of development you are presently in. This is a modern man’s initiation, a suffering existence void of meaning and purpose. If you can survive that and die of natural causes, congratulations, you failed, and Jesus might save you if he pities you enough. There are many reasons why things are the way they are, but most of it is reduced down to omissive finger-pointing. The direction it needs to point is at yourself. Somewhere along the way, we decided to move away from the nourishment of the soul through traditional spiritual forms of initiation and chose to live in a more brutal fashion. This way of life was likely developed out of greed for power over other people. But it is useless to meditate on this now, it is only necessary to recognize we are to blame for continuing this terrible approach to existence and that it is time to do something about it. That something is to wake up.

In most primitive cultures around the world, the age when one reaches puberty is an important event. It is the event of reaching adulthood. But more importantly, it is the induction into the tribe as a useful member through initiation ceremonies. These ceremonies which last months and in some cases, years vary depending on the tribe’s culture. A more warlike tribe will have grueling, painful tasks undertaken to reach a transient state where the initiate receives their message and purpose. In a more reflective culture, drugs are often used to reach deep states of awareness. In more peaceful groups, deep trances are invoked through drums. No matter the method, the result is the same, a more whole person comes out of it, knowing their place and purpose in the tribe. In modern urbanized existence, our place in societal standing is forced upon us primarily from the socioeconomic history of our ancestors, and our purpose is how much money can you make. This, as we all know, isn’t enough. This isn’t enough is what feeds the bullshit system we have built; this isn’t enough is what compels us to consumerist mentality and greed. Some people figured out the remedy to this small mindset and formed esoteric schools, most commonly known are the Freemasons and Illuminati. They realized that knowing the secret knowledge can give an advantage over other humans again created from the greed for power over others. What I am to do is to make this knowledge accessible to all. I believe this is a necessary step in humanity’s evolution to regain a modern initiation ceremony. What this will look like is different than ceremonies in the past. It will be far simpler because it is our lives that have become complex and disconnected.

I will go over what a modern initiation will look like and what the target needs to be. The complication with modern man’s initiation is it will be mostly individual-based and chaotic. The only thing that will remain a constant in each person’s initiation is the need for a gentle, peaceful, simple, relaxing approach. Other approaches can be more drastic, but again this depends on the person. I have found in my experience sometimes the more radical approach which usually involves drugs can be too overwhelming an experience to be adequately integrated into an already overwhelmed person. In next week’s post, we will go under.


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