About Me

Zachary Taylor Knox

Seeker, modern warrior.

For many years, I have been journeying seeking something I had forgotten in the limbo stage between lives. I have used whatever means necessary to find and recapture lost information. I have boxed and been humbled. I turned toward books and found an inner hunger for knowledge. From books, I turned toward psychedelic drugs and found an entire expanse of peace and connection. From drugs and because of lack of access to them I then turned toward mediation. It was here I was able to find what I had been looking for—answers about the true nature of who I was/am. If I could do it all over again, I would simply do it in reverse order.

  • I am but a knave. I work in a warehouse. I am nothing special.
  • I write and am motivated to help more people become free from the enslaving system.
  • I was diagnosed with bi-polar in my early twenties. I have been in psych wards, been on pills, been to therapy, but this dreamworld form of mediation seems to have help me the most. It is like it gives the mind somewhere to go and it blunts the emotional extremes. It allows one to live in grandiose while also helping you function better in the world.
  • I desire to trigger a revolution of self rediscovery.

Art work by Maura Spain