The innate Power

The ultimate form of Self-realization comes at the moment one realizes it has no need of anything else but of one’s Self. This power that was long ago stolen from your control and relocated into their hands has existed within you since the instant your soul opened its eyes to this reality, a power which bears infinity capacity for freedom, awareness and quietude, such power is what some philosophers have before called “Being”, also known in Eastern schools of thought as Buddha-nature (tathāgatagarbha), and is this same power which is innate to all conscious beings that every group seeking for organized mass control has fought intensively to appropriate, and to abuse the anguish produced by its subsequent loss by natural law. It is a war waged against consciousness that has been going since the beginnings of civilization. Men long for a purpose, for meaning, for life, for a place where to deposit the inner energies that command him to move and make a living out of this existence, a restless appetite we call yearning or “Becoming”, a force which functions as the polar opposite of Being, and that asserts its control over every instance man dismisses his capacity to Be, to co-exist in simplicity and balance. Becoming doesn’t rationalize, it only looks for outlets to deplete its surplus of energy, be mindless pleasures such as sex, drugs, media consumption, or deeper commitments such as war, religion, ideological movements, political parties, nationalism, a career, family, etc. It is here where groups of organized mass control have taken advantage to lure the masses of humans into using their inner energy surpluses for their own needs, by giving them the outlets to do so, by bringing to them a false sense of purpose and meaning, deceitful searches for the inner power that can only be accomplished by following strict dogmas, codes of conduct and laws laid by external agents. Ways which only serve to mislead men from the true path, as the search of this power must come from the Self and Self alone.

We’ve come a long way since those methods of organized mass control were firmly established in our civilization, and in today’s world with its unforgiving chaos and relentlessness, everything is, before we’re even born, carefully put in place to taught us to dismiss the tools nature or God gave us as a form of connection with the divine and supreme, and instead to never give up in the aggressive pursue of vapid, redundant and ambiguous goals as form of soul fulfillment. This produces anguish for an eternal craving of external things that never end up satisfying one’s conformity with existence. 

Obstacles in the Way of Self-Transformation

This post will serve as an introduction to the obstacles to dreamworld mediation and inner transformation. These obstacles of the mind are constructed by our own individual need to create a predictable and “safe” version of consensual reality that we are comfortable with. External obstacles that have been imprinted/implanted into our minds by people can also be referred to as occult groups that have the “Knowledge” and know how to reconfigure reality to their suiting. Social media and the internet have made this easier for them. They can drive change at a turn of a switch where before they patiently labored sometimes for centuries to produce the sort of change they desire. The most recent significant one being the death of the Christian religion in terms of belief. There are still the structures and “traditions” in place, but they are shells of what they once were. People believe the church influences politics; instead, it is the other way around. The system has locked down control over its old enemy—religion and inserted its doctrine. The religion of fear. I will discuss Christianity and religion more in-depth in next week’s post.

Energy is created by thought/emotion; thought is created by concentrated consciousness energy. In free form without thought or constant emotional content attached to us, find ourselves with inexhaustible energy. Most of the people’s lives today are mainly lived unconsciously. Many people aren’t even aware of their actions and whether they are harmful actions to others or not. This unconscious network is created through emotional attachments through traumas (defined as either good experiences or bad). These traumas and emotional attachments create demons through thoughtform or the concentrated effort of thought to produce a being (children can be seen as a physical thoughtform). The argument being is that we had little choice in the matter; we received no guidance on how to navigate the things we don’t understand. That is true. But now we can do something about it or remain a victim to the unconscious forces that mostly have been a constructed effort of a system that wants you to be a slave to it.

The initial decision to act must be a concentrated conscious decision to act and prompt the kind of life change you desire. This concentrated conscious decision will give you the energy to start and finish the trial. The duration of the trial will depend largely on the individual person. I have found that the percentage of extroversion vs. introversion gives a clue to how deep the person will have to go and how much needs uncovered in order to receive what is needed. I suggest taking the Myer-Briggs test to know the percentage of introversion and extroversion. If you have smaller introversion, the trial could be relatively simple, and the information needed to free you somewhat easy to find. If more introverted, it could take years of effort to find what you are looking for.

When first beginning the mediation, it will be a battle against all the demonic forces within that don’t want you to enter, but through the energy produced by the concentrated conscious effort you will breakthrough. You have to not give up and keep ordering the mind to surrender. When you are finally able to break through the dreamworld, you enter will likely be very vivid and lifelike. This indicates the unconscious portion of the mind dedicating electricity to its function and thus stealing your energy. The more vivid, the more energy is being siphoned off by the unconscious mind that serves you no other purpose than to torment you and bind you in servitude to the powers that be. There are dangers down here as many of the things you will meet in this world haven’t been created by you but are implanted beings inserted into your mind from either a subliminal source or an external trauma induced by an interaction with the world you didn’t understand. This is why in the previous post, I encourage starting with finding the spirit animal (ego) because it will always keep your best interests in mind (it is naturally egotistical) and keep you safe, only allowing acceptable amounts of danger needed for personal growth.

One can wander in the dreamworld’s depths and never find what is needed for personal success. This often happens because people don’t understand the nature of this underworld. It is largely fueled by emotion. In my personal experiences, I have wasted much time here because I thought I needed something, but it turned out to be a fruitless waste of time. When I started to make real headway was when I realized I didn’t have control of certain emotional triggers in my life. The social justice warrior finds wrong in the external world because of their trigger, and I found the wrong in myself. It didn’t matter what it was; sometimes it was opinion, whether it be about politics or race relations I found if I was triggered by a person’s opposing opinion, I found that opposing opinion I had been triggered by the idea deep inside of me. It doesn’t mean that I held that opposing belief; rather, it likely means it was implanted in me over the course of my youth/life. I confronted this implanted idea and released the energy associated with it. That was what kept me going each time I found a trigger and meditated upon it; I released more energy to do the things I wanted to do in life. I have gone further than most will need to or have to, but that is because of my own individual success is determined upon sharing this information.

My advice is to use day to day interactions, whether at work or with your family, to find those triggering areas. Each time you feel emotionally triggered, concentrate your consciousness upon the trigger emotion when you meditate, and you will journey toward it playing out either an underworld scenario or reveal a past life where that particular emotion was attached. The emotion doesn’t have to be reenacted to produce the effect in the mediation, the memory of how it felt is enough.