The innate Power

The ultimate form of Self-realization comes at the moment one realizes it has no need of anything else but of one’s Self. This power that was long ago stolen from your control and relocated into their hands has existed within you since the instant your soul opened its eyes to this reality, a power which bears infinity capacity for freedom, awareness and quietude, such power is what some philosophers have before called “Being”, also known in Eastern schools of thought as Buddha-nature (tathāgatagarbha), and is this same power which is innate to all conscious beings that every group seeking for organized mass control has fought intensively to appropriate, and to abuse the anguish produced by its subsequent loss by natural law. It is a war waged against consciousness that has been going since the beginnings of civilization. Men long for a purpose, for meaning, for life, for a place where to deposit the inner energies that command him to move and make a living out of this existence, a restless appetite we call yearning or “Becoming”, a force which functions as the polar opposite of Being, and that asserts its control over every instance man dismisses his capacity to Be, to co-exist in simplicity and balance. Becoming doesn’t rationalize, it only looks for outlets to deplete its surplus of energy, be mindless pleasures such as sex, drugs, media consumption, or deeper commitments such as war, religion, ideological movements, political parties, nationalism, a career, family, etc. It is here where groups of organized mass control have taken advantage to lure the masses of humans into using their inner energy surpluses for their own needs, by giving them the outlets to do so, by bringing to them a false sense of purpose and meaning, deceitful searches for the inner power that can only be accomplished by following strict dogmas, codes of conduct and laws laid by external agents. Ways which only serve to mislead men from the true path, as the search of this power must come from the Self and Self alone.

We’ve come a long way since those methods of organized mass control were firmly established in our civilization, and in today’s world with its unforgiving chaos and relentlessness, everything is, before we’re even born, carefully put in place to taught us to dismiss the tools nature or God gave us as a form of connection with the divine and supreme, and instead to never give up in the aggressive pursue of vapid, redundant and ambiguous goals as form of soul fulfillment. This produces anguish for an eternal craving of external things that never end up satisfying one’s conformity with existence.