Meditation and journeying into the dreamworld

We are going to go into the dreamworld also called the otherworld and the underworld. These lands are populated by elements from our conscious lives and from the unconscious. This subconscious is like a playground for the two (conscious and unconscious) to mingle and meet. Most of the time it is not a kind interaction. We are most familiar with this interplay between the two life driving forces while we sleep. Dreams are often viewed as projections of the day’s events, nonsense, and profound spiritual experiences. These are all right but are as incomplete as the dreams themselves. In most people’s dreams, their conscious version of self which is how they see themselves is overwhelmed by the unconscious forces of their psyche which are either represented by hypersexualized symbols, violence, ridiculously strange, fragmented memories from childhood and or a combination of all of these at once.

All these things represent really a life half lived. It is our job to go into these worlds while consciously awake to extract the information about our selves the unconscious has locked away. It can be viewed as an adventurous journey as most adventure tales have the hero facing similar content in order to transform him/herself.

When I began my own journey, I was skeptical mainly because of my strong aversion to new age babble. To me there was something wrong with them at the time I couldn’t put my finger on it. Later I came to realize their spiritual process had become decadent and self-indulgent. But this is beside the point because they like every faulted being on the planet myself included have their merits and something to teach. A friend had recently had a strong schizophrenic episode and I noticed there were strange connections in what he was saying. He at a previous time had rambled about Cain and Abel. I found this odd because I don’t believe he knew anything about Cain and Abel at any time before. There could be an argument that it was inserted unconsciously into his mind at some point. That might be true, but it still doesn’t invalidate what I am saying as the unconscious mind has completely overpowered a person in a schizophrenic episode because of their weak sense of conscious identity. So, I theorized that I could find him. I didn’t know what that meant or how to do it, but I was aware of certain visualization mediation practices sometimes referred to as Shaman mediation. There was not a lot of academic reference material as beyond Carl Jung most dismiss it as childlike or spiritual babble. I typed in Shaman journeying into Amazon. It was there I found a simple book, a short book by Sandra Ingerman called Shamanic Journeying. What I liked right away as it had good reviews but also, she used her name. Many of these new-age types pick some spiritual names they have been granted in the otherworld. So, I bought it.

When the book arrived, I read it quickly as it was short (98 pages total). At the time it seemed too simple but in retrospect, I now understand the author knew and understood what she was talking about through experiences.

I have an open mind, so I was going to go in with no expectations. I found a mediation track that I liked. There are endless options, it is best to find one that speaks to you, individually. In below link was the one I used and still use on occasion today.

It took me a long time to be able to still my mind and body to be able to breakthrough into the dream world while preventing from falling asleep. I would say it took me about thirty minutes to “go under”. Once I did, I was transported to a forest with a clear river running through it. I proceeded to try to swim across the river but was taken under by an unknown current.

The process of going under is relatively simple. One must find the appropriate track with lots of drumming and vibrating instrumentals. This does something to the brain waves and allows the conscious mind to be influenced to look internally and be awake while dreaming. You will need darkness; I use an eye mask now as it makes it easier to settle into complete darkness. Deep rhythmic breathing helps. I do a deep breath through my nose hold for three to five seconds and release through my nose. I repeat this until my mind settles down and relaxes. It helps settle the eyes as well as they will continue to “look outward” for some kind of stimuli once they relax the dream world is formed.

Once I finally relaxed and was able to journey downward, I was pulled under the river. I won’t go into all the details as this was a personal experience. But I was rewarded by discovering the location of my friend. He was trapped in the level of hell known as Filth. I was under for over an hour. The next day, I was under for an hour and half. I went really deep into the collective unconscious. This was dangerous. If someone tells you that mediation isn’t dangerous, they have likely remained in only the safe/comfortable places of their psyche. I journeyed deep and when I came back found my speech was erratic and strange. It was as if I had received a concussion. That is the closest sensation I can relate the experience to.

The recommendations from my experiences are to first visualize a door of some sort the concentration on a door becomes almost like a mantra and helps relax the brain’s initial panic. Once the door appears, open it and step into a scene in nature the provides peace. Again, this nature scene helps relax the defenses of the conscious mind further. The first few times, I journeyed into the dream world I alone. After the second mediation, I realized there were hidden dangers here and needed a source of grounding. This is when I discovered the use of the spirit animal. The term spirit animal was a revolting concept originally to me because of the new age spiritual use of it that perverts the true purpose. The spirit animal is really the symbolic manifestation of your ego. The ego wants for its own use to help you reach your full potential and is a safe anchor to going to far. It will pull you back if needed. The third time I went under I found my animal. This is done by being in the nature scene and calling out for it to come to you. You must ask it three times if it is your animal. You will ask its name and the message it has for you. From here on out while journeying if you encounter some overwhelming danger it will be your ally and come to your aide. The second time, I actually used my father’s animal as he had recently become interested in this sort of thing. It didn’t work well, and his animal was angry at having to come to my aide.

This is the first step to self-transformation by being able to consciously interact with the unconscious aspects of self without being a victim to it. In this dreamworld, it allows you to alter, change, and remove parts of the unconscious mind. It also allows you to find traumatic aspects of self that were inserted into the unconscious by external sources in order to maintain a system control over your decisions and mind.

System Failure

The process of induction into modern society is one of psychic pain that never truly ends no matter what stage of development you are presently in. This is a modern man’s initiation, a suffering existence void of meaning and purpose. If you can survive that and die of natural causes, congratulations, you failed, and Jesus might save you if he pities you enough. There are many reasons why things are the way they are, but most of it is reduced down to omissive finger-pointing. The direction it needs to point is at yourself. Somewhere along the way, we decided to move away from the nourishment of the soul through traditional spiritual forms of initiation and chose to live in a more brutal fashion. This way of life was likely developed out of greed for power over other people. But it is useless to meditate on this now, it is only necessary to recognize we are to blame for continuing this terrible approach to existence and that it is time to do something about it. That something is to wake up.

In most primitive cultures around the world, the age when one reaches puberty is an important event. It is the event of reaching adulthood. But more importantly, it is the induction into the tribe as a useful member through initiation ceremonies. These ceremonies which last months and in some cases, years vary depending on the tribe’s culture. A more warlike tribe will have grueling, painful tasks undertaken to reach a transient state where the initiate receives their message and purpose. In a more reflective culture, drugs are often used to reach deep states of awareness. In more peaceful groups, deep trances are invoked through drums. No matter the method, the result is the same, a more whole person comes out of it, knowing their place and purpose in the tribe. In modern urbanized existence, our place in societal standing is forced upon us primarily from the socioeconomic history of our ancestors, and our purpose is how much money can you make. This, as we all know, isn’t enough. This isn’t enough is what feeds the bullshit system we have built; this isn’t enough is what compels us to consumerist mentality and greed. Some people figured out the remedy to this small mindset and formed esoteric schools, most commonly known are the Freemasons and Illuminati. They realized that knowing the secret knowledge can give an advantage over other humans again created from the greed for power over others. What I am to do is to make this knowledge accessible to all. I believe this is a necessary step in humanity’s evolution to regain a modern initiation ceremony. What this will look like is different than ceremonies in the past. It will be far simpler because it is our lives that have become complex and disconnected.

I will go over what a modern initiation will look like and what the target needs to be. The complication with modern man’s initiation is it will be mostly individual-based and chaotic. The only thing that will remain a constant in each person’s initiation is the need for a gentle, peaceful, simple, relaxing approach. Other approaches can be more drastic, but again this depends on the person. I have found in my experience sometimes the more radical approach which usually involves drugs can be too overwhelming an experience to be adequately integrated into an already overwhelmed person. In next week’s post, we will go under.


The First Step of the Journey is the Hardest

The way of the warrior is a disciplined construct of set morals and values used to guide a person through the trials and tribulations of our physical existence. These values/morals prescribe a code of conduct that dictates to the person what avenue of action needs to be taken based on the circumstances. Each interaction with physical reality demands different and alternating actions. Without these values and morals to serve as a guide to aid us in our existential battle against the forces of the universe that desire our destruction, we are lost or at best dependent of some external source for protection (police, military, etc.)

Warriors of different cultures in the past were shaped by a different social paradigm than us today. The warriors looked different and acted different depending on a variety of interchanging variables that shaped the cultures they dwelled in. Variables such as rival state, neighboring states, climate conditions, and geographical conditions. For example, the warriors of Japan empathized a strict code of conduct centered around a system of honor and bravery. Whereas, the Nordic Viking warriors cared less about honor and more about a desensitized approach to coping with the violence and destruction of the world. The Japanese culture was primarily influenced by their neighbor, China, who fostered their honor philosophy and religion. Being an island people, they were allowed to promote their discipline to extremes as their enemies most often times each other. The most competent warriors ruled as Shogun. The Viking warriors seemed to be more influenced by the harsh, unforgiving climates they lived in. They had to be tough to survive, and this toughness transferred to their approach to war.

In today’s modern world, the conditions to foster a warrior are different. The social paradigm of the cutthroat competitiveness of the urban environment is the nature and technological dependent people the climate. The ever-increasing urbanization and the detached connectivity have created a land of strife fixated on the decadence of celebrity personality cults. The constant bombardment of information and ideas is enough to make a person go insane. How does one battle such seemingly overwhelming odds?

To deal with the universal global themes associated with technology and urbanization, a new type of warrior must be forged. This warrior will have to be an island able to stand fast against the waves of the collective unconsciousness and integrate the lessons they find there. They will have to be a person among individuals.

In proceeding posts, I will discuss how to select the morals and values and the methods of battle in today’s internalized world. I will discuss how to discern what is one’s self or what is negative foreign programming inserted by social herd mind. I will discuss the method of keeping your center.

At times it can seem like an isolating existential experience, and it is, but to be free, one must be willing to do whatever it takes.

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